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Instructions and Help about irs 4506-t form

Hey guys it's Marian little here forums from shorts obligation and I wanted to help homeowners who are looking at their for 506 T forum and scratching their heads as to what they really need to fill out this is an older form this is a four five oh sixty from January of 2021 there's updated forms this is a 4 5 o 60 easy but essentially it's the same information that your lender is looking for and it's pretty simple so what you're going to do is put your name in the first box here so let's just say your name is John Smith and you want to put your social security in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 so you can skip your current address you want to put your current address and the address shown on the tax return so your current address is where your mailing address is once you can be Main Street anywhere Massachusetts with the zip 0 3 whatever and then here you're going to say if the transcript is mailed to a third party this is where you're going to include your mortgage insurers name or your mortgage and company name or your servicer name so Bank of America whatever their address is whatever your mortgage address is 1 2 3 main and you can actually leave this blank but it because the servicer will fill this in now on this section here you're going to check 6 and you want the 1040 so put 1040 here and you're going to just check this first box ok you're gonna skip the rest of this skip skip skip skip skip and then here you're going to put the last two years so right now it's 2021 so the last full tax year was 2021 you're gonna put 2021 and then of course down here all you really need to do is sign in this area and deed it and that's how you fill out your for 506 T or your short sale.